India demolishes houses of a number of Muslim figures following religious clashes.

Indian security forces destroyed the houses of a number of Muslim figures, whose houses had been allegedly connected to riots provoked by insulting remarks about the Prophet Mohammed.

In Uttar Pradesh, property owners have been instructed to leave their houses before they sell them.

Muslims protested yesterday after anti-Islamic remarks by two prominent members of the ruling BJP.

In total, police have arrested over 300 individuals in connection with the riots.

The comments were made by BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma at a television discussion in May. The BBC isn’t repeating Ms Sharma’s statements because they’re insulting in nature.

The statements irritated Indian Muslims and outraged over a dozen Islamic nations. Naveen Kumar Jindal, the head of the Delhi media unit, was additionally expelled for posting a screenshot of her insulting comment on Twitter.

Their remarks – particularly Ms Sharma’s – resulted in protests in some states.

Yogi Adityanath, the prime minister of Uttar Pradesh, directed the demolishment of any unlawful establishments as well as homes of individuals accused of involvement in the riots in the state last week, BJP state spokesperson said.

One home demolished was that of a politician called Javed Ahmed, popular English language newspaper Hindustan Times reported. Afreen Fatima, his daughter, is a notable Muslim rights advocate.

The property of 2 more individuals charged with throwing stones have been destroyed in the state on Friday.

Yogi Adityanath’s media advisor Mrityunjay Kumar posted a photograph of a bulldozer wrecking a building, saying: “Unruly elements keep in mind, every Friday is adhered to by a Saturday,” he stated.

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